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Afternoon Tea for the Bride-to-Be

I don't know if it's the same nationwide, or if it's just in Washington State, but there is a distinct party season. Because of the inconsistency in our weather, most parties happen between May and September. These are prime months to host a party, because you don't have to worry about your guests getting completely drenched going to and fro. This year, we kicked off party season with an afternoon tea bridal shower. And it turned out so beautiful, just like our bride-to-be, Miss Olivia. Olivia likes diamonds and pearls, and all things fancy. She is a former queen, so it makes sense. Olivia also likes teacups and tearooms and little finger sandwiches, as you would expect a queen to. She is kind, patient, and a person I would trust in any situation. She is a lover of Jesus, the color pink, and all things girlie. In short, she is awesome, and I feel so blessed to be her friend. Here are some photos of the special day that we planned just for her.

Welcome table included envelopes to self-address, to save the bride-to-be a little bit of time when writing thank you notes, and a teapot with her new last name initial that I created with vinyl on my Silhouette Cameo for all of the guests to sign.

Here is our tea station! My mother-in-law just purchased a home with all of this gorgeous china left behind, including a tea service set of 15. What a blessing for our party! No mis-matched cups here. I'm not personally an avid tea drinker. The only thing I knew was a must are those lovely sugar cubes in the middle. We offered three different flavors of Tazo Tea, and Starbucks VIA packets for non-tea drinkers. Other drink supplies included lemon, honey, stevia, and cream.

We offered open-faced cucumber sandwiches, and Apple-Brie finger sandwiches on rye bread. I found both ideas on Pinterest, although we didn't follow them exactly. I have to say, the Apple-Brie sandwiches were D-E-LICIOUS. I will be making those again.

Other savory sides included tortellini pasta salad & flat pretzels.

Yummy sweet treats included vanilla buttercream cupcakes, tahini cookies, petite lemon cakes, pirouettes, and biscotti. The sweet treats were so yummy! I had biscotti with my coffee the following morning, and I was happily surprised by how much I liked it. When I was younger, I worked in a coffee shop that served biscotti and it was always so hard and crunchy, so I didn't think I liked it. Looking back now, it had probably just been sitting in the jar for too long.

The beautiful bride-to-be and her momma.

The bride-to-be with her co-hosts. We all met when our church started offering discipleship (D) groups along with standard small groups. We became super close during our year of study, and although we don't see each other all of the time (Olivia lives in sunny California now), we love to encourage, celebrate, and pray for one another as we continue on life's adventures. It's pretty special. I thank God for these wonderful women, and I am so grateful that we got to celebrate Olivia's next adventure into marriage!


Deb said…
You are blessed in your friends and they are too, to have you as a friend.

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