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The Waterslide

There we were, sitting in the backyard while the sun was shining down on us and the hum of the blower to the giant waterslide I purchased for our children was making me sick to my stomach. What. On. Earth. When the slide was fully blown up, it reached the top of our second story deck. It was a monstrosity, and it's grandness made me sick to my stomach. To top off the afternoon, our children didn't even like this new water feature. The water was too cold. The slide(s) were too fast. The pool in the bottom was too deep for one and too shallow for another. I had immediate buyers remorse.
For about a year, I had been trying to convince the hubby that a playset would be a great addition to our backyard. He wasn't super keen on the idea, but he came around to it about a month and half earlier. We actually decided to have people chip-in for it as birthday gifts to our one year old if they asked for ideas. Well, a month had passed since her birthday, and still, no playset. There w…