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I'm Not Perfect

"From the pictures you send it looks like you have a great time together."
That sweet sentence was typed by my grandma. My grandma who usually only sends forwards, and has maybe composed 3 total emails to me. She truly meant what she said, but I felt instant conviction the moment I read it. Whether it's sending pictures to grandparents, or posting on some form of social media, wouldn't you agree that we all would rather paint this perfect picture of our lives. And, as one of my friends used to say, we have to get all the good pictures, so we can look back when our kiddos are older and show them what a fun childhood they had!
But I'm going to be real with you friends. This season of life has been tough. Miss P is a rule follower and such a good kiddo, but she's 2. 2-year olds push boundaries. 2-year olds love to eat something one day and are shocked that you would even offer it the next. 2-year olds create the same messes 5 times a day, and if you want a tidy ho…

I Have an Idea!

Miss P says this phrase often, "I have an idea!" I'm assuming I must say it pretty often myself. So, when we went to Barnes & Noble (I miss brick and mortar bookstores SO much!) to pick up a book I wanted to start reading ASAP, and visited the children's book section, of course the book placed on the front table titled, What do You do With an Idea?, jumped right out at me. I'm a very price conscience shopper, if you've read my other blog posts, you know why, so when I flipped the book over and saw that the retail price was $16.95, I put it right back down. Well Miss P loves books, so we found ourselves sitting and reading in another section, and there the book was again, so we read it.

Friends. Let me just tell you, this is the most inspirational children's story I have ever read. It starts out that one day, this child has an idea. It talks about how ideas are sometimes scary and confusing and bothersome, and then when you decide to share your ideas wi…