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Candlelit Baby Shower

"Let's look at the calendar and pick a date for your shower," I said. "The last weekend in August would be perfect," I exclaimed. A small gathering of people in the warm sunshine on the back porch will be awesome, I thought. As the weekend was quickly approaching for the shower, I was checking my weather app every. day. Monday, Sun. Tuesday, Sun. Wednesday, Sun. Friday, Sun. Saturday, Cloudy. Then Saturday, Rainy. Then Saturday, Thunderstorms & Lightening. And then Saturday came. Because the weather app had told me that the weather was not looking promising, I had already planned to host the party indoors, but little did I know, at 12:45pm, approximately 1hr. & 15min. before our party was supposed to begin, the power went out. The power at our house almost NEVER goes out. Everyone else's power around us will go out, but ours will stay on. Not this day. Luckily, all the food was prepped and I had just finished blow drying my hair. The power will for …