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Transforming Your Financial Future :: Part II

10 Ways To Save Money & Reduce Spending Disclaimer: Some of you are going to strongly dislike some of these ideas. You are going to think I'm ridiculous. But then the part of you that really wants financial freedom will know that I'm right. Now is the time to make these sacrifices. If you truly want to get out of debt, you have to stop spending money on nonsense. And here's the super cool part, once you become debt free, you can slowly add the nonsense that you enjoy back into your budget. Cutting things out of your life does not have to be a forever thing in this case. Who knows though, once you remove some of these things for a period of time, you might not miss them as much as you think you will.
1. Don't Pay For Cable TV (Sorry cousins!) I wasn't going to put that one first, because I know some of you will completely stop reading now. But let's be honest, cable TV IS NOT A NECESSITY. For you football fans, now is the perfect time to cut out this luxury…

Transforming Your Financial Future :: Part I

Recently, Facebook reminded me that it had been 6 years since I marched into Bank of America to make the final payment on our credit card and became consumer debt free. 6 YEARS!!! I remember having such a feeling of accomplishment. I could have mailed in the payment, done it over the phone, or online, but what fun would that have been!?! For that life changing moment, I HAD to do it in person. The teller was not nearly as excited as I was, but in a society where consumerism is king, and having mounds of debt is considered the norm, who can really blame her.

If you would have asked me 7 years ago where I was financially, I probably couldn't or wouldn't have given you a straight answer. I didn't grow up in a home where finances were discussed regularly. I do remember my parents and grandparents having tons of credit cards, so when I turned 18, I started my collection. The only good thing that came of this, was that I had enough established credit to qualify for an ARM when I…