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Bye Bye Paci

We did it! Our now 2 year old no longer uses her pacifier for sleeping. I was SO scared of how awful the nap-times and nights would be without that little soother, but let me just tell you, it went much better than I expected! In case you're curious as to what worked for us, here is a little breakdown of what we did.

I should mention, that since Miss P was about 3 months old, we only used a pacifier in the car when the crying WOULD. NOT. STOP., when we were on stroller rides, and for sleeping times. Right when she would wake up, we would put her pacifier back in her crib. I wanted to be in this habit from the beginning. It was a personal thing. She is super verbal, so by the time she was 20ish months, as she was getting ready to rest, she would say, "I need paci, and flat pet, and blanket." Because of this routine, we were even more nervous to sever the ties with her paci, but let me tell you, it was none too soon! At her 2-year old well check visit, her doctor asked us …

Check us out on!

A couple of weeks ago, an editor with contacted me, and asked if she could use our golf themed pregnancy announcement for her article. How cool is that!?! It's definitely one of the higher honors that a creative person can receive. The article is titled, "11 Winning Sports-Themed Pregnancy Announcements." We are number 6 on the list, and you can check it out for yourself here.