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Showered in Purple, Gray, & All Things Pinterest

This weekend I was blessed to be able to open our home and co-host a beautiful shower for my sweet cousin that is getting married in July. For this party, we did all things purple, gray, mason jar, chalkboard, and Pinterest. Even down to the invitations!

I used to be all about balloons. Balloons say, "Let's Celebrate!" But, as I've gotten older, they say "Children's Party." I still think you need a way for your guests to identify that they are at the correct house though, and these fun chalkboards definitely do the trick!

Food is top priority in my book when it comes to parties. People remember bad food, not enough food, and good food. My cousin is all about Hawaii and loves pineapple flavored things, so I focused the food around that idea with some staples mixed in. We had between 35-40 people attend the party, so I wanted something that wouldn't take forever to make. I settled on these yummy sliders that I found on Pinterest and then created my ow…

Let's Party :: Coral, Gold, & Cream

Wedding season is currently in full swing for our sweet family. As of right now, we have 7 weddings to attend between now and January 2016. It's crazy! We were at a lull there for a few years with wedding invites, but they are back in full force now! The fun part for me when it comes to wedding season is to help host and plan showers. Showers are my jam. I like every little detail to be perfect and to fit the bride's personality. I actually put a lot of pressure on myself to help create a perfectly memorable day, so that the guest of honor feels absolutely loved and adored. It's all worth it at the end of day, because celebrating is worth it. Don't ask my hubby though. He might tell you that my level of crazy when it comes to parties is not worth it (love you babe!).

Enter shower number one of this season... This was a great party! We hosted it at a friend's beautiful home and I was only in charge of a handful of things. Less pressure for perfection on my part = aw…