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Have Baby. Will Travel.

Traveling with a baby can cause some pre-trip anxiety. How do I entertain her on the plane? What toys should I bring? Is it worth it to pay for her own seat? How do I get her ears not to hurt on take-off and landing? What if she cries the whole time? Do I really need to bring little goody bags with ear plugs and candy for the people around me? Will I be able to warm her bottle? What if she poops?  But here is the real question. Just because I have a baby, does that mean I must be chained to my own community until she is of an age where I don't need to answer any of these questions? For me, that just won't do. We want to travel. We want our child to experience the world at every age. And as my mother-in-law said time and time again on this past trip, "It's her vacation too!" So to any of you mommas out there leaving on a trip sometime soon, here's the answers I have for you from our experience traveling 8+ hours with our 13 month old.
For one, you know your ki…