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:: Letter to Kennedie Faith ::

From the moment we found out your Momma was pregnant with you, we loved you. Each and every one of us. I didn’t know we could have so much love for an unborn child, but we did. And we do. The day we found out that you were a Princess, we prayed in the waiting room that you would be. Your Momma & I drove to the Dr.’s office discussing names & hoping that God would bless her with a beautiful & healthy girl. On June 30th, 2012, only 2 days after your due date, God did just that. From the moment we laid our eyes on you, we were filled with even more love. Grams, Uncle Aaron, Grandma Danielle, & Grandpa Dave were in the waiting room, while Heather & I helped your Momma bring you into this world. Grams came in to see you first, and everyone else was so jealous, because they wanted to get to see you too! After the nurse gave you a bath and did all of the necessary newborn things, they got to come see you too. When each person saw you for the first time, their f…

You. Are. Beautiful.

You are beautiful. You possess unique qualities that make YOU wanted. That make YOU needed. You are one of a kind. You are smart. Maybe not IQ of 140+ smart, but maybe know how to bake, know how to work a crowd, know how to send a perfect thank you, know how to build a campfire, know how to crack the perfect joke, at the perfect time, smart. You are desirable. You were beautifully and wonderfully made by the Greatest Creator known in history. So say it. "I am BEAUTIFUL." "I am SMART." "I am DESIRABLE." Maybe there was someone in your life that already told you, "you is pretty, you is smart, you is important," but you didn't buy into it. You should. It's true. Maybe you're reading this, and you're thinking that I don't know you and what an awful person you are. I might not know you, but I will tell you this... You are one of the most beautiful people He has ever seen. Beauty comes from within. It is NOT what…