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Application to Date My Best Friend

Internet world, you are awesome. And sometimes intimidating. And sometimes, just plain creepy. But here's the deal, my best friend is out of this world, and she deserves someone as equally cool to date with the purpose of marriage. We're of an age that dating without that purpose, is honestly a waste of time. And even though online dating can work wonders for some, that really isn't her cup of tea. She's not into the games that can be played, or the potential catfishing that goes on, or whatever else some of you online daters do. You have ruined the idea of online dating for the good ones, like her. She is a gem. You would be lucky to date and marry her. Don't get me wrong, she has her quirks and baggage, but she is fiercely loyal and will never stop working on herself, or her marriage. Let me tell you a little about her. Because there are some weirdos out there, for the purpose of this post, we will call her Ray. Because she is a ray of sunshine. Her energy is contagious and her smile is so beautiful, it literally lights up a room. When my mother-in-law first met her, she would always refer to her as the girl with really perfect teeth. So I'm not being cliche here, her smile is awesome. Her energy and inner joy for life, comes from knowing the love and grace of Jesus. The grace part of the equation is huge. If you are going to date her with the purpose of marrying her, you need to know and understand the grace of Jesus Christ. She's dated guys that don't know Jesus, but for the purpose of marriage, I think all married people would agree that when you come home at the end of the day, you want to chat about and do life with someone that has the same values and beliefs as you. Not being able to share a part of yourself with the person that is closest to you, or feel like you have to constantly justify yourself isn't healthy for her, or you. She loves to travel, go on adventures, and experience new restaurants. If she really wants to see a movie in theater and has no one to go with, she has been known to go by herself. This is something that I absolutely admire about her! She loves her family. They are super private people, but once you get to know them, you can see why they are so very important to her. She is educated. School didn't always come easy to her, but she worked her booty off and when she graduated University, she tested and was barred in both New York & Washington State. Ya, she's that awesome. She is currently employed and finds the work that she does to be rewarding. Like everyone, she has some days that are more tough than others, but for the time being, she is content with where she is at in her career path. She has a desire to be a mom. If you don't have that same desire, she is not a good fit to be your wife. She wants to be a home owner. Scratch that, a house owner. She wants to purchase and create that home with her husband. And she wants to fill it with love, laughter, children, and the family dog. She wants the fairy-tale. She wants a husband that is handsome, knows and extends the grace of Jesus, has a desire to provide for his family, is adventurous, and will continually seek to grow and nurture their marriage. If you think that you are the guy to date with the purpose of marrying my best friend, please email a short message about yourself, along with a photo, to I haven't included her photo in this post, because I'm not 100% sure if she's going to be okay with this, but trust me, she's a 10 :)


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