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Let's Party :: Coral, Gold, & Cream

Wedding season is currently in full swing for our sweet family. As of right now, we have 7 weddings to attend between now and January 2016. It's crazy! We were at a lull there for a few years with wedding invites, but they are back in full force now! The fun part for me when it comes to wedding season is to help host and plan showers. Showers are my jam. I like every little detail to be perfect and to fit the bride's personality. I actually put a lot of pressure on myself to help create a perfectly memorable day, so that the guest of honor feels absolutely loved and adored. It's all worth it at the end of day, because celebrating is worth it. Don't ask my hubby though. He might tell you that my level of crazy when it comes to parties is not worth it (love you babe!).

Enter shower number one of this season... This was a great party! We hosted it at a friend's beautiful home and I was only in charge of a handful of things. Less pressure for perfection on my part = awesome! It was a coral, gold, and cream theme with chalkboard art, popcorn bar, Jenga blocks with words of encouragement for the bride and groom, light snacks, and fresh flowers. We used Orting Bakery for the yummy red velvet cupcakes with coral frosting and purchased all of the fresh flowers from our local farmer's market on the morning of the party. Here's some photos from the beautiful day...

And here are the lovely ladies that I co-hosted the party with! How fun! The beauty in the middle was our guest of honor. We can't wait to celebrate her again in about 50 days!

Popcorn Bar Supplies
1- Box of 10 Homestyle Popcorn Bags
1- Variety Pack of Kernals Popcorn Seasoning (Amazon)
1- Large Shaker of Kernals White Cheddar Popcorn Seasoning (Target)
2- 5 Quart Metal Paint Bucket
4- Mason Jars (I used 16 oz.)
4- Mason Jar Shaker Lids (Target)
3- Coral White Striped Popcorn "Bags" (Target Dollar Aisle)
1- Package of Paper "lunch bags" cut in half (Target)


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