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Miss P's First Birthday Party!

This post is a little late...  In January, my sweet baby girl turned one! In my typical party fashion, I went a little overboard into all things peacock. I'm not quite sure how I arrived at the theme, but I think it's because I'm really into the purple+teal combo right now. Even though I tend to go overboard, I'm all about being cost effective. The Dollar Store & the dollar aisle at Target are my best friends when it comes to party planning. And I can't discredit Pinterest for giving me some awesome party ideas! We'll start with the desserts, because let's be real, that's what we all love!

I am not a very good cupcake or cake decorator, so I left the cupcakes up to the professionals. I purchased these beauties from the Orting Bakery for only $1.15 each. Wanna hear the awesome part!?! They threw in the smash cake for FREE! You have to love local establishments! The second sweet treat, I baked and decorated all by myself! I combined three different Pinterest recipes to create these lovelies. I have a love/hate relationship with sugar cookies. They take FOR.EV.ER. to complete. Make the dough, roll it out, cut the shapes, bake, cool, frost. But the awesome part was, I made them ahead of time, and they still tasted fabulous! I made them about a week in advance, froze them, and then took them out two days before. I think the "1" on the cookies added to the festiveness of the party and the cookies were addicting! NOTE: If you're offering two sweet treats at your party, you do not need to order a cupcake for each person. I had 19 cupcakes leftover!

Do you see the figurine on top of the smash cake above? That was given to me when I turned one!
It is a Josef figurine, and I thought it was the perfect touch of nostalgia to add into my sweet girl's
party. The sparkly peacock feathers were actually Christmas tree decorations that I purchased at
60% off, shortly after Christmas. What a deal!

The most expensive decoration was definitely my Instagram board. When our little girl was born, I assigned her a hashtag that no one else had used, so that I could keep all of her photos in one place. Then, I printed them all out at Costco and strung them across my giant chalkboard. I LOVE how this turned out! It was definitely the most expensive part though. After the party, I passed out the photos among the grandparents. Grandparents enjoy having hard copies of photos, and I dislike clutter, so it was a win-win!

I wasn't originally going to do party favors, but I decided to after telling myself that I did NOT need to spend any more money on this party. So I looked at ideas on Pinterest that I could create with items that I already had at home. I came up with Peacock Playdough (everything is better with alliteration!). I didn't have enough salt on hand for the big batch, so I did end up spending $0.89. My best friend came over to the house about a week before the party, and we whipped out 12 little bags on homemade play-dough in no time. The over achiever in me was sad that there wasn't a fun cookie cutter or something to go with it, so I found some large craft popsicle sticks around the house and threw those in. At the end of the day, all of the kiddos were way more into the peacock feathers that I tied onto the outside of the bags. I probably should have just handed those out and not made the play-dough! Ha! It was fun to learn though.


The night before, I realized that Miss P didn't have a cute top that she could get dirty. I grabbed one of her layering onesies, tracked down some old fabric pens in the craft storage, and designed this. I think it worked perfect for the cake smash, and I didn't spend any extra money!

 We didn't get a pic of the sign-in table, so the photo below was snapped with my iPhone. I found the directions on Pinterest to have people sign the plate so that we can use it later in life. I love this idea! I have to say, the final product is so fun, and I can't wait to serve her birthday treats on it next year!

Aside from the photo above, the rest of the photos from her party are courtesy of our sweet family photographer Abby, of Abby Joy Photography.


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