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Thirty Before I'm 30

The other day I was on the way home from work, and I have no idea where the thought came from, but I got this grand idea that I should make a list of thirty things I want to do before I'm 30.  I have lots of great ideas that pop into my mind pretty regularly that I just let got to the wayside, but I think there are some great reasons to make a list such as this.  1. A list helps you to identify goals. 2. This list will help to get me out of my comfort zone.  3. Reading it will remind me of things I want to do, when someone says, "What should we do tonight?" So, here's the list...

Thirty Things to do Before I'm 30
1. Break 100 on the golf course
2. Run a 5k
3. Pray with someone to accept Jesus for the first time.
4. Go to Europe (Lots of history there!)
5. Read my Bible cover to cover
6. Shoot a gun
7. Attend a hockey game
8. Go snow shoeing
9. Go to Leavenworth
10. Host a charity event
11. Overnight backpacking trip
12. Wakeboard/Surfboard
13. Indoor Skydiving
14. Have dinner at Palisade
15. Kiss my husband every day
16. Wear everything in my closet at least once. (Not at once :))
17. Go on a mission trip.
18. Do 20 push-ups on my toes. (I can do 3 so far!)
19. Go berry picking & make a treat
20. Plan and host an awesome 1st birthday for Miss Kennedie!
21. Ride the Sounder Train.
22. Attend a Sounders game.
23. Take a photography class.
24. Consider having a baby. (This is for everyone that made the suggestion on Facebook :))
25. Be an extra in a movie. 
26. Try Zumba
27. Visit North Dakota
28. Play bingo at B.J.'s
29. 1 random act of kindness per month.
30. Eat a bacon covered maple bar. (Combo of salty & sweet, I can't wait!)

Okay friends and family, now that you know the list, I expect your participation and help!  As of 4 days ago, we only have 18 months to complete it.  Memory lane, here we come!


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